Graduate Program

Graduate Admissions
Every year we select for the following programs during the first and second semesters.
  • 1. Masters
  • 2. Masters·Doctoral combined
  • 3. Doctoral
Each semester the number of selected students is based on quotas and margins. The number of students may change, so please refer to the Seoul National University Admissions website for more information( )
Graduate School Entrance Examination Information
The graduate school entrance exam contains eight questions from four main subjects [phonetics/phonology, syntax/semantics, historical-comparative linguistics, spoken language processing/computational linguistics] from these subjects, three must be selected and answered. (However, you cannot select two questions from the same subject).  The selection criteria for the M.A. program, M.A/Ph.D. combined program and Ph.D. can be seen below. For more detail such as past questions, contact the department office at )
Bachelor’s and Masters Combined Program
    • Applications Qualification (all requirements must be met)
      • A. Students who have enrolled in four or more semesters in a bachelor’s degree program and have obtained 54 or more credits.
      • B. Students with an overall 3.3 or higher GPA, or those with a 3.5 GPA from the previous two semesters.
      • C. Recommendations from an advising supervisor, head of the department, head of the graduate department or chair of the department.
        • However, students who have already registered for 5~6 semester must submit a research activity plan within one week after the announcement of the selection results.
    • Selection Method: Selection is based on the results of interviews, oral exams, document screening (recommendations, research activity plans, etc.)