Recommended Tracks

1st Semester
2nd Semester
First year
100.129 Language and Linguistics
100.131 Phonetics*
100.130 Language and Computer
100.132 Languages of the World
Pre-major courses
Second year
108.223 Manchu
108.225 History of Linguistics
108.226 Morphology
108.208 Phonology
108.312 Historical Comparative Linguistics*
108.315 Syntax*
Third year
108.311 Semantics
108.320 Psycholinguistics
108.321 Topics in Individual Languages
108.413A Computational Linguistics*
M1246.001000 Statistics for linguistics
108.317 Sociolinguistics
108.319 Field Linguistics
M1246.000600 Indo-European Linguistics
108.417 Language and Information Processing
M1246.000900 Experimental Linguistics
M1246.001200 Language Acquisition
Fourth year
M1246.000500 Altaic Linguistics
108.414A Seminar in Linguistics 1
108.419 Language Pathology
108.415 Applied Phonetics
108.418 Seminar in Linguistics 2
108.420 Pragmatics
Required courses for linguistics majors
    • 1st semester: Phonetics, Computational Linguistics
    • 2nd semester: Historical Comparative Linguistics, Syntax
    • ※ A total of 39 credits must be completed, including 12 credits from required major courses. A total of 60 credits must be completed for an intensified course completion major.
Recognition of courses in other subjects
    • Up to 6 credits outside of the department can be recognized towards credits for a linguistics major.
    • If you are taking an approved course outside of the department: Apply for changing course classification online, print the applications and submit the form to the department office.
    • If you are taking a course not yet approved: Send your course history ( semester taken, course department, professor, grade) along with course syllabus to the department email → The Curriculum Committee will decide on approval → apply for changing course classification online → print the applications and submit the form to the department office.
    • For non-linguistics major students, you can take 6 credits if you are double majoring in linguistics and 3 credits for a minor.
Multiple Major Application
    • Double-major, minor, combined major, linked major?, student-designed major
    • Common qualifications: Students must complete 2 regular semesters and have obtained at least 33 credits
    • Required Credits: Double·Combine Major 39 credits, minor·interdisciplinary·student designed majors 21credits
Bachelors and Masters Integration Program
    • Application qualifications (must meet all requirements)
      • 1. Students must have registered for at least 4 semesters and earned 54 or more credits.
      • 2. Students with an average GPA of at least 3.3, or a GPA of 3.5 from the previous two semesters.
      • 3. Recommendations from an advising supervisor, head of the department, head of the graduate department or chair of the department.
    • Program Duration: Around 5 years
      • 1. Bachelor’s Program : 3.5 years(7 semesters)
      • 2. Master’s Program : 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Graduation Requirements
    • A total of 130 or more credits, including 36 credits or more in liberal arts and 39 credits in linguistics.
    • An overall and linguistics GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    • Graduation thesis must be approved after submission.
    • Must comply with the College of Humanities graduation obligations.
Readings in Classics 1
Second foreign language: 9 credits with at least 1 completed intermediate course However, to be qualified for writing a thesis, students from other colleges who pursue a double major in humanities are required to achieve at least a C- in a foreign language (not including English).
Foreign language courses: 3 or more courses
(*Including major subjects based on the regulations of each department)
Bachelors Required Credits
(130 major credits )
Linguistics Single major: 60 credits
Linguistics Single major: 60 credits
Life and Humanities
(Only applicable to freshmen in the college of humanities. Not applicable to students enrolled in other colleges, dual majors or transfer students.)
Graduation Status and Graduation Application
    • Graduation status and application procedure
      • Target: Students enrolled in at least 8 semesters.
      • Time: Beginning of semester at the department's homepage and email.
      • Procedure: Linguistics department conducts an assessment on the graduation status → Graduation assessment via your major → Submit your confirmed report card to the linguistics department office.
      • Preparation: Conduct a graduation simulation online via the university portal website, check and print results, submit documents to the department office.
    • Graduation Application
      • Method: Apply for graduation via portal website → print application form and submit documents to the department office.
    • Thesis Submission Application
      • Electives: We recommend you take the courses for writing your thesis.
      • If you are unable to take courses, submit a form containing your desired thesis topic, along with two potential supervising advisors (linguistics professors) to the department office.
Other Universities in Korea
    • Qualification: Accumulated GPA of 2.7 or higher (only if you have completed a regular semester)
    • Applicable Credits: Up to 18 credits, including those taken at SNU.
    • Application Method: Bachelor’s information via portal → International Exchange → domestic exchange students → application for domestic university semester transfer → submit the application and related documents to the department office.
    • Other: Courses can be recognized as either Elective Major Subject or Elective General Subject. Prior department approval is needed for Elective Major Subject recognition.
Study Abroad and Recognized Credits
    • Permission to Study Abroad
      • Application Period: If you wish to start from the regular semester, apply 3 months before the regular semester. If you wish to start from winter or summer semesters, apply 2 months before the start of the semester.
      • Application Documents: Letters of recommendation from your supervisor.
      • Approval Process: Apply to the Office of International Affairs → submit documents to your department → approval from your college
    • Credit Recognition
      • Recognition Amount: 18 credits from the regular semester and 9 credits for the seasonal semester
      • Documents to be submitted: Original transcripts, Korean translation of transcriptions, syllable for each subject, other relevant documents.
      • Procedure: Submit documents to the department office → faculty meeting review → apply for credit recognition via the portal website.
      • Note: Only major related courses can be recognized, as either Elective Major Subject or Elective General Subject.