Undergraduate Program

Regular and non-schedule Admissions
For specific information please refer to the following link.( http://admission.snu.ac.kr/adm02/adm02_m.html )
Undergrad Transfer Admission
    • Application Qualifications: Graduated from a 4-year university (or planning to graduate). TEPS 601score or higher /TOEFL(CBT 227 score /IBT 86 score ) or higher Transfer year: 3rd year
    • Number of People
      • Within quota - Within the allocated quota for transfer students when selecting new students for the given year
      • Outside quota - No more than 10% of the admission quota for each department, no more than 5% of total number of admission for 3rd-year students.
    • Application Period: Early December
    • Selection Procedure: Document screening, written examination (major, 2nd foreign language), interview and oral examination.For specific information regarding schedules and required documents for submission, please refer to the Seoul National University Admissions homepage( https://admission.snu.ac.kr/transfer/transfer/guide )
Major Entry
Students must take 1 or more major or general education courses held from the Linguistics Department of the linguistics related coursed from other departments (listed below) in order to be eligible for declaring a Linguistics major.
    • Designated Subject: Introduction to Korean Linguistics, Chinese Language and Characters, Introduction to English Linguistics, French in a World Perspective, Structure of German Language, Russian Language in the World, World of Spanish Language
 Major in Humanities and Data Sciences
    • Intended for an interdisciplinary education between humanities and data science.
    • Application Qualifications: Enrolled students who have completed at least three regular semesters (including those who are about to finish the 3rd semester) and have earned at least 36 credits (including those who plan to return to school)
    • Regulation for Completion: A total of 21 credits or more, including the required major courses.