Department Spring Trip

Members of the Linguistics Department go for a trip during spring in April. Undergraduates, graduates, professors, and even students who simply enjoy linguistic courses gather and eat Chodang’s soft tofu in Gangneung while also visiting Jeongdongjin. While walking through Gwanghanru in Namwon, we also enjoy the spring season together. When out in nature you will be able to get closer to the people you had only seen during class.

Language Documentation Trip

The highlight of your linguistics life might be the language documentation trip. It is an event only in the linguistics department where you visit a local area, meet the local elders and study their local dialect. It’s a great opportunity to study and analyze a local dialect with a team. You will have the chance to asks elders questions, transcribe their dialect and provide a phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis. Furthermore, while studying dialects, you can directly verify the changes and alternations made in the language. Nowadays, with the exception of the Seoul dialect, local dialects are gradually disappearing. It may be common to consider other ‘non-standard’ dialects as being less prestigious or of less value but all dialects are precious to our history and culture. Therefore, learning various dialects and keeping a record of them is an important task to foster and promote our culture. As this event involves undergrads, graduates and teachers, it will surely be an unforgettable memory for all members of the linguistics department.