Various subfields in the linguistics department are closely related to one another in investigating natural language. In consideration of this, our department established 3 associated labs in order to facilitate academic communications among the subfields. The Syntax/Phonetics/Speech Language Processing lab, located in Room 301, Building 3, is designed to implement interdisciplinary experimental/engineering researches pertaining to speech language processing as well as syntax-phonetics/phonology interface issues. The Historical Linguistics/Semantics lab, located in Room 328, Building 3, is designed to take both synchronic and diachronic approaches into consideration in linguistic phenomena. The Phonology/Computational Linguistics lab, located in Room 327, Building 3, is designed to support each subfields, as both contemporary phonology and computational linguistics focus largely on quantitative approaches utilizing statistic measures. The SNU linguistics department, along with these 3 laboratories, strives to foster interdisciplinary researches both from wide-ranging and in-depth perspectives towards linguistics.

SNU Linguistics Circle

SNU linguistics circle provides various opportunities to communicate with each other and achieve academic goals within the graduate school for students. We host thesis pre-presentation event each semester in order for students to discuss and be ready for their official presentation and thesis defenses. We also put on vote for invited speakers for colloquia and block seminars, so that students can be given chances to address their opinions and interests. We also host official gathering events for students twice per semester (one at the beginning, one at the end of a semester), jointly with the linguistics department office. Anyone in the department can come and enjoy conversation and foods. Finally, we offer the regular mentoring program for prospective and new students, so that the life and experience in the SNU linguistics department can mean something memorable to everyone in our community.